Saturday, June 21, 2008


what a title for this post...but then yeah its basically n generally talking about food...n its seriously DELICIOUS,YUMMY,HMMM,SLURPPP, and it makes you DROOL even when u r asleep... haha ok i m juz joking for this part..

famous "ah peng" wan tan mee

wantan soup... mianyi likes it
fried oyster from bentayan...

3 of us ate 6 different plates of food.. slurp
chicken cordon bleu... delicious
hmmm..... whats this ? forget already.. haha
rojak ipoh.... have the potential to compete with muar's rojak
manfred's mum's bak chang

breakfast prepared by me ! nt bad rite.. hahaha
D24 durians
Rm10 per kg.. cheap/expensive?
this 1 is the best.. tom yam steamboat
fruit juice to sooth ur stomach after the spicy tom yam steamboat
claypot chicken leg
teo chew "peng kuey"..mum's fav
the best cili belacan i ve ever tasted..
Pizza Hut's new pizza.. duno the name..
after all the delicious food ...... i think i should go for some exercise... haha.. anyway .. the above pictures are onli part of the food dat i ate... n there is somemore .. but without the pics...
would u like to eat this ? a big fat kueaaaaaakkkk kueaaak frog...
on a side note.. i manage to spot this guy .. Ng Yen Yen's husband ... if u know who she is la .. :)

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