Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rotary Club of Ampang's Installation @One World Hotel

reached kl at 2 something yesterday, rush back home.. had a quick bath.. and rush to pasar seni to meet with the other rotaractors of ATC.. and we headed off to the hotel...we lost our way at first.. but thank God i brought my GPS... which saves the day! hurray! finally it has been put into good use..i think i should let the pictures do the talking ....well juz a few feedbacks
1.The environment n the ambience there is very impressive and high class... juz like most of the big 5 star hotels

2.The toilet is nice ... no doubt.. haha

3.The grand ballroom...looks nice too .. but then there is some weird smell there... onli to know that there is kicap smell .... perhaps they put the kicap too early on the tables

4.The supervisor.. or whoever he is .... gila kuasa... like to shout n dictate the workers..

5.The table that we have was worth RM3000.... had high expectations on it ...but then to me .. its disappointing.. the food is not up to the standard.. i believe the food in other hotels or even restaurants food can easilly beat them
6. In terms of the rotarians n rotaractors.. they are as usual very friendly .... lots of big shots too...
7. Had a fun time with our college mates...since its hard for us to meet up recently.. coz we are having our holidays n breaks..
8. Million's driving was stable n comfortable..
me in the toilet!
outside the grandball room

the girls.... receptionist.. haha

wow ... my dream car...
giri,me, n miss president
bernice n I
Chiew Ee and I
Group photo... rotarians n rotaractors
found this pencil on the table.. so strange...One world hotel uses hotel sri petaling's pencil... something fishy n wrong here...

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