Friday, June 13, 2008


Indeed a significant day to be remembered.a day full of joy and sadness as wel.. not that sad also actually:P
finally i ve completed my A-levels...its our last day in college....or at least last for some of my friends but not for me ... i'll take my law degree in the same college again..but for some reasons it will never be the same again.. perhaps there are some friends who i would not see them anymore.. how sad huh ? yeah i ll take it as another chapter of life that i ve juz completed and continue to move on ...
sat for my last paper today ... guess what ?the paper delayed...for 10 mins.. we were all waiting curiously n anxiously.. n there is no sign of any exam papers coming in until 10 mins later..a thank God .. the question was ok ....

it was a real relieve after that books no sticky notes for the time being.. cool....
went to midvalley to lepak with a bunch of friends...indeed memoriable.. it has been a very long time since we go out as a gang.... and guess what ? t o make it more special and suprising.... today is also the last day the student lounge worker(ah ne)is working in our college...he had been a really nice guy... serving us and playing pool wit us ...and since its his last day and we wont be meeting him any time soon ....he is a refugee by the way. ... i invited him to join us in midvalley for pool and stuff like that ... guess i'll let the picture do the talking.. :)
ah ne and I..... our good friend from Burma.. its glad to see him enjoying with us ...quite sad to part with him..had been together almost everyday in college...for the past one year
beware of ur hand daphne..
the economics class mar/apr2007
Mr Sara our law lecturer...
Mr Khor.. the best ever lecturer that i ve ever met!thank you sir!

before the last BATTLE!

yue han and I in Brew Ball
see how pack the bus is ....its a nice experience...pretty scary as well...i wonder how if i sneeze.. they would have no place to hide or even avoid ..... :P
so what's next? .............. enjoy for holiday!!..... i'm excited bout tomorrow... hurray!

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