Monday, June 23, 2008


District 3300 Awards Night

i ve asked matt to send me all the pictures for that nite...but then to my AMAZEMENT... lotz of the pics are missing ... which means i cant really blog the whole event...juz a few pictures to entertain my dear readers.. will blog the whole event once i get all the pictures... probably next week.. since matt is out of town... where is he now? u can ask him urself.. haha

Anyway,in terms of food, environment and setting ... i would say that banker's club will have an advantage over one world hotel eventhough it only takes up one floor of the dunno wat building... :)... well...2 days in a row went for a formal event..quite enjoyable.. but then quite boring as well...however, happy that our club won a few awards that nite.. its a good start for RCATC... next big event will be our Charter Nite for the club.... any generous sponsors out there to sponsor a table for the orpahanage?

the ladder to success~:P
dat's me .... look like dato?haha juz joking
the awards we won dat nite..
free pen drive... yippie!reward for helping in DIC2007
outside view from the banker's club
nice eh ?
a nice car spotted outside Times Square...

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