Sunday, February 22, 2009

tell me what to do..

its almost 1 o clock in the morning now, and i feel as though as i am in the middle of an ocean which is full of uncertainties. revision is kicking in soon, in march. tomorrow will be the last lecture for our intersept... yeah, as scary as it might be, its already the last lecture for each subject. There are still tonnes of chapter for me to catch up,everyone in class is so tensed up. mocks is next week.. i've made up my mind not to go. If i go, it will be a waste of time. If i dont go, at least i have one more week to prepare my notes well..i need the whole week to prepare my notes, except for thursday. I dont want to score badly, i dont want history to repeat itself, i wan to sore, i wan to sore like an eagle and get good grades.Looking at my senior's notes, only on criminal law. It is enough for me to faint and say that i'll score badly, no i cant afford to fail. One paper cost Rm1000. sometimes, it's not about the money, its about how shd i still head on to the direction i want my self to be in when i fail my first year.i dont wan to fail any..not even one subject..can i do it ?it still remains as a question mark

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