Monday, February 9, 2009

reviving interest for Nokia gadgets..

The brand Nokia had been a long standing brand in the telecommunication market, and i do own a few models of nokia phones, ranging from the old old nokia 3310 to the latest that i have the nokia E65. however what i dont have is the nokia N series phones. However i do have an N-gage, if this considers to be an N series model. haha :)

had my nokia770 updated to the latest firmware yesterday, erm early this morning i would say. It looks nicer with more additional functionality, however the problem i face is that the WiFi connectivity is not functioning at all! can this be?.. its an internet tablet, and the wifi is not functioning..Internet tablet minus internet...hmm it becomes just a tablet..

from the nokia website, i was brought to the attention that there are quite a lot of useful softwares that i can download it into this nokie E65, ranging from tv remote,msn messenger(it doesnt work),wireless presenter, reuters news,and nokia maps!.. it took me quite some time to do it .. and by the time i finish doing it , it was already 3 smth in the morning.. BUT, this prove a point .. i never take up my study time to do this ok, except for my rest and additional time ... hehe.

p/s: whoever wants to sponsor me a N series nokia phone?.. :)

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