Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day to be remembered, a day to be cherished,a day worth looking back

This year's valentine's day, is a different valentine's day altogether compared to the previous years, perhaps for the simple fact that i'm no longer single and currently in a relationship.Some say that, valentine's day is just a commercial tool for various related business to make some profit out of it, some even say that, if a couple is in a good and stable relationship, everyday would be a valentine's day. Yea, i would agree partially to this,but if we were to take it as a special day for our loved ones,i'm sure the other party will feel loved and being cherished, and it would also be a refreshing time for old couples or even for those who had married, and will for sure "spice-up" something in them again .. hmm nono !!... i shd stop... i shd just stop writing love theories again .. haha.. as usual... i will let the pictures do the talking .. :)

the day before valentine's day when i saw mianyi,she told me that she didnt prepare any present for me, and Big apple donuts is what she had for me ...i'm fine with it, without being suspicious of anything. After all, guys are often the one who gives during valentine's day .. hehe

a bouquet of flowers is what iI gave her for valentine's day..

see the smile on her face:)

it was really a suprise when she pakat-ed with her friends which was also going to Sunway Pyramid, after meeting the friends in the toilet. .. i mean she meeting her friends inside.. haha... she came out with this really pleasant and unforgettable present...a tropicana life jacket..i know this will cost her a bomb...

adding to that, a big and huge card, which i personally think that it is so sweet of her..a normal size card is more than enough to make me contented, BUT her card is way bigger than the normal 1 ...

this is something that both of us have, a same disney cup and also.....


we went for japanese buffet lunch in SHOGUN..


sumptious and high cholestrol food!... definately worth the price and the moments that we spend inside there were really awesome, although initially it was a bit hot, since we were assigned a sit near the window..

thanks to matt and daphne, we are able to visit a place that we had never been before...its like a mini disney land, it is situated in ara damansara...not only Disney cartoon characters,but also small stalls selling various kind of things..

donald duck is jealous of us .. :P

-The end-
14/02/ first ever valentine's day with someone i love..


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