Saturday, February 7, 2009

gadgets are human's best friend..

recently i've discovered that an ipod touch can actually do wonders, can do more than what i ve expected it to be, a lot of applications which are helpful for instant messaging, work(such as presentation, acting as a mouse pad, dictionary), free bibles are also available now, and provide a user with lots and lots of fun!.. imagine my sister has around 9 pages of games, which means 100 over games inside an ipod, cool isnt it ? and i personally think, although i m not a gamer ,an ipod touch can actually replace PSP due to the nice graphics that ipod touch has, and also the motion sensors which make the games more exciting. Some 3D games will surely entertain you where ever you are.Last time, when i first own the ipod touch, i was of the opinion that ipod touch is never better than my pda, but then with the recent application development, i would say that its now on par with the functions of a pda, and perhaps sometimes way better than a pda..

i'm a proud owner of an ipod touch although it is a 1st gen 1,but then the function are mostly the same. i've actually influenced 2 ppl to buy an ipod touch after they see me having it. :)...Apple shd pay me some commission le .. and quite a few more who actually wants to buy but haven bought it yet.

see how an ipod touch can entertain a person, when a person is waiting for another person to cut his hair .. hehe

getting bored waiting for food?... just take out a gadget from ur pocket and you will not get bored... at least for me and her .. :)

taking out an ipod is too troblesome? .. nevermind taking out just a camera phone will do, this is especially true for girls.. hehe


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