Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scitilla Temporis

A Blink Of An Eye.

Chinese New Year is at its end nw. At least for me.

Somehow or rather. Every year's Chinese New Year are almost the same. One thing that is distinctive. Lesser and lesser people be it cousins or friends who actually will make their effort back for reunion again.

I would say festive sessions nowadays are contaminated yet diluted:)

Reunion dialogues will always linger around the same topics. Houses for visitation are also almost the same. What do we actually expect from this season of joy and celebration?

I ended my new year holiday in Muar with hosting Hui Ting and JJ whom come down all the way from KL.

Heading back to KL tmr.

A small prawn but I m happy!

The harvest for the night.

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Ariesky Agus Priyana said...

halo.., salam kenal
ku tunggu kunjunganmu di rumah kami
blog yang bagus