Friday, February 12, 2010

I love to carry at least 1 fruit with me everyday :)

How do you define a successful company and product?

I would actually say that I admire Apple products very much. Putting aside status which Apple products offer, the technology that they have is REVOLUTIONARY. This is the word that is being use again and again by Steve Jobs. Despite the flaws and short coming of its products and features, people around the world still admire and crave for it a lot!

Ppl dont mind having duplicates of them. No joke. One of my church friend. He buys every model of the Iphone since its launching in 2007. What makes it so unique and special ? This you have to ask the users.

Like myself, eventhough previously i had an ipod touch which is something very similar to Iphone.Nonetheless, Iphone still attracts me a lot !

Now, next, will be Ipad.

Those who I asked so far are looking forward for its launching and some told me they are 200% sure that they are gonna get 1 when it launches!

I'm sure it will be more than a bigger version of Ipod Touch.

Bill Gates once said in 2001 that tablet pc will be widely used in 5 years time and this did not materialise. Let's see whether the Ipad will bring a huge and big impact to the tablet pc's market!

*Apple really need to pay me advertising fees for saying good things about them. :P

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The Silly Science said...

I have to think the moderate popularity of the kindle- along with the almost sure-fire hit of the iPad- will be the beginning of the "reader" (tablet pc) bonanza that should be trending up for the next 5-10 years