Saturday, February 6, 2010

S+S in TimeSquare

Dear and myself when for last minute CNY shopping yesterday at Times Square. To ease my guilt, I decided to sit in McD to study first. I think we hang out in McD for more than an hour and I m so proud that despite the noise, I'm able to study and absorb it into my brain

While we were about to wait for the monorail to go back. Suddenly a teenager shouted and told the police that his mobile phone was pick pocketed. The good thing is that the thieve went and hide inside the toilet!

Me being curious, stood there and witness the show. It turns out that the thieve is a man dressed in formal and of quite old age.

what is the reason behind I dunno.

But I know I m blessed enough to be able to get my new year clothes!

No need to steal..


erna said...


no need so happy.;pppp

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