Sunday, February 21, 2010

A blogpost with no pictures involve.

Stuck with what I should pen down here. Just duno how to start.

It's gonna be the end of February already. 2months of the new year had juz passed like that. How far have i achieved my new year resolutions. Life has been up and down for me. Well, to apply a positive thinking. All this can make me a stronger person, but at times i juz choose to be negative. Ranting and feeling troubled of how all this things have to happen to me.

Studies are slowly taking priority over my life now . It shd be. 6 hours per day at least.

Call me a dull boy . When it reaches the period of the month where revision kicks in and exams drawing near. I just do not like to go out lepak. All I want is more time to study. Perhaps some lepaking will do me good, but at times it makes me feel very guilty.

My own revision schedule shd be out by this week. Pushing all the way out, at the same time do not wish to exhaust myself too fast.

In 2 weeks time, I'll be already living in this world for 21 years now . Everyone treats 21st birthday very seriously. It's like a pass key to a lot of things. To me, its also a key to a lot of trials as well.

Just for the sake of sharing. My birthday present wish list will be as follow :)

1. Iphone invisible ZAGG shield
2. iPad ( sendiri no money to buy)
3. A pair of Converse or not-s0-ah pek shoes.
4. Spend time with my close ones during this important day of my life.
5. Anything relating to gadgets ( N97 mini? :p )

It's getting late. Having tort tutorials tomorrow. Quite a pack week ahead. Will see how it goes.


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