Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caveat Emptor- Let the buyers beware

can you diffrentiate which 1 is a genuine Apple Iphone and which is the China made clone Iphone?

The exterior looks 95% alike.

Focus not on the poser but rather on the article on the left handside. Basically there is a report that dishonest sellers are selling clone china iphones and giving the impression to the buyer that it is a genuine Apple product. Those who are not well educated on that of course will fall for the trap as the price variation is very wide. You can get a clone 1 below Rm1000!
This is nothing new to me i guess. Last week, after our Sunday lectures,I went for the phone fair in Sri Petaling with a few friends. They are doing exactly the same thing. They didnt know I had a genuine 1 and trying very hard to convince me that the 1 in his hands is a real 1. He marketed to me that Iphone 3Gs 32GB only cost Rm 1600. Matt immediately fell into the trap and believe that guy ( although he did not buy it, he told me " hey daniel,you rugi la, here only selling for Rm1600++ ). Well, there is no such thing in this world la. You get what you pay.
So, do not fall for their dishonest traps! Support genuine Apple Iphone! haha.. they need to pay me for advertising fees!

But well, I'm very satisfied with this "blackberry" curve of mine! It's indeed a value buy. For the price that I paid which I dont think you will be able to get it anywhere else. Comes with wifi and all those functions that a phone shd have!

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