Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The amount of cases are just killing me day by day. Drowning me in the sea of cases.

No joke. My brain can no longer tolerate any further.

Seems that i need to live on with it for the next two months. Mine you, this is only the start of revision.

The cases for Land Law is tremendous.

But, thank God. I have a goal. I aim to beat the long standing record of 74 marks for land law.

It may seems discouraging to see how hard my fellow law mates study in the library which makes my goal not so attainable ( since they are more well deserved than i am), I dont care. :)

ok back on mortgages,

From makanan.. Noakes v Rice, to Timbers( Samuel v Jarrah Timbers ), to maids ( Four maids Ltd v Dudley Marshall), to lembu ( bull v bull ), orang bagus ( Goodman v Gallant), to a more close to home names like (Tse Kwong Lam v Wong Chit Sen )... this is noteven 10 % out of the total cases on mortgages!

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