Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There's no place like home. Instead of going for mocks. I ve decided to head down back to muar for a few days to study and get my notes done

I'm happy to say that, hmm at least I m satisfied with my study pace.

Some ppl can study round the clock. I seriously can't. Who cares. Most importantly is I m able to absorb the things that I studied

When it's about time to rest. Just sit down and chill in the garden. Looking at fishes in the pond. Let the mind go loose.

Revision starts this saturday. I don't think I have chance to come back anymore till May or early June.

Let me bring "home" back to KL. The place where I belong.

It will be my significant birthday this Friday. A key to a lot of things since it's my 21st birthday. What key will I get? Hmm let's see

Mum decided to buy a pair of shoes for me for my birthday. :) hurray! I don't think I had any really branded shoes before. Well, this is not the point.
Some people don't even have shoes.

Was in ikea a couple of days ago. When going down a slope there, dad suddenly pulled the trolly and said my shoes worth rm200 over, the grip is better.

I replied. Yea, my flip flop worth rm20!:)

Since mum is in KL and Sis is somewhere overseas for her birthday. Dad and I went for steamboat and BBQ and dad said it's a meal to celebrate my birthday. We spent approx 2 hours there!

It's makes me wonder whether BUFFET is originally an English word

It sounds more like a Chinese word "bu fei" which means not fat!!:)

I m looking forward to a memoriable birthday with dear . Sunway lagoon perhaps. I ve been wanting to go there for quite sm time already !

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