Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Road taken by many and follow them I should..

It's really frustrating when I have plans to sleep early so that I can wake up exceptionally early to study before going for morning classes tomorrow but then..

No matter how I turn, how I flip my self finding a suitable position to sleep. I just can't make myself to sleep.

I think the reasons are obvious and I know it pretty well myself.

Daniel, just get this settled. Although it involves not only 1 party, not only 1 consideration. Make the decision and get It over and done with. I guess my decisions are firm just that how to cope with the cicumstances of the decision that matters now.

Sometimes it's not that hard. Just send an email and it will be done. I wish..

Long day tomorrow. Needa wake up early at 6.30 a.m to study and do past year questions. If not it will be unfair for Erna:)

Btw it's 2a.m now..