Tuesday, August 26, 2008

guess who i met today ?

i'm right now so excited to blog something here ...... because .... for the first time in my life , and probably ... the last time .... i ve got the chance to meet up with The Right Honourable Lord Justice Sir Anthony May of the Court of Appeal in England and Wales... woohoo!!... its hard to see or even meet this type of people ok ? .. haha ... anyway .. he came to our college for a dialogue session this morning..okok ... i know ... he is still a normal human being la .... but then i just cant control my excitement..:)
they are the highlights for the day ? ... nono .. haha ...they are just posers... haha kasturi and jega
picture blurred, due to shaky hands and maximum zoom, i m sitting right at the back..so far from him:)
and FINALLY... got the chance to take a picture with him!... lesson learned today, not to be shy...Shyness will eventually disbenefit us ....:) ... at first i was shy to approach him, but then...my friend was like pushing me to go infront .. so... yeah .. benefit from that
after the dialogue session, had lunch with ben,jess,amos and our beloved econs lecturer... He accompanied us till we finish our meal.. and eventually paid for my friends meal.. but not mine.. coz i ordered from another stall.. wat a waste.. haha juz jk .. but its nice of him to do so...
it was raining very heavilly... and being the usual me ... i dun bring umbrella along with me ...went to CIMB bank to buy a bank draft and then off we went to the british council to certify our cert...and throughout the whole process..i was without an umbrella... obviously... i was wet from head down to my shoe... and to make things worst... there is something wrong wit my shoe base.. once i step on a pool of water.. my whole shoe gets wet.. and my socks get sooky wet too... anyway ;.... i m healthy enough so as to not to get sick!... :)
p/s: had been wanting to go for exercise for the past two days.. but due to the rainy weather and busying for my uni app..i didnt manage to go ... but i WILL go tomorrow morning. ..hehe

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