Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mianyi's 18th birthday.....

yeah, its her birthday ... she is now legal to do a lot of things :)


mango + ice cream

sizzling hotplate noodles... delicious

she smiles whenever she gets to eat .. haha nono... i'm juz joking
next... we had baskin robbins as pencuci mulut ......
went to secret recipe for dinner .... dats my meal... beefball speghetti
mian yi's order .. chicken cordon bleu

hmm dats me ... hehe
realise that there is lots of pictures in my blog now a days .. and very true.. the pictures can do most of the talking for me !....
on a side note, good news for me from the college management... they had decided to give me 50% scholarship!which i m very happy and thank God for His abundant blessings once again ...so... i can buy more gadjets now with that money ? haha :P

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