Monday, August 4, 2008

Kanna Curry House

After sending sis back to her rented room in PJ, picked up mian yi and off we went to a mamak... nearby.. situated in Jalan Gasing, beside Glad Tidings church....the way the serve roti canai caught my attention.. and i just couldnt resist to take a picture of it...the food there ...quite nice .. and the mee goreng... one of the nicest that i ve ate... but its quite spicy...

Roti Telur served with banana leaves instead of using a plate...

The curry- u can take as much as u want..

yummy mee yummy mee yummy mee goreng~!:)

i m actually in a quite tension mood ... results results results... but what to do ? nothing can be change.. just have to wait and see... my days of enjoyment are getting lesser n lesser

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