Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rainy days

hmm.....when it comes to rainy days and gloomy weather... it always make me ponder about a lot of things....basically.. life.... what had i gone through so far, what experiences that i have ... what good and bad encounters that i ve come across with ....

My mind,unconsciously feels with emotions and strong feelings of both good and bad...rainy days ... some people view it as a good weather ... where it lowers down the temperature .. and its cold and refreshing as compared to hot sunny days where the heat actually irritates us and make us more hot tempered at times..it actually much depends on how we look at things... rainy days can sometimes bring trouble to us as well .. and the sunlight is indeed very helpful for most of the living creatures and it brings a sense of warmness...

Rainy days,
It brings back a not-so pleasant memory of mine,
about 1 and the half years ago,
where the sun was shining so brightly,
but it was a rainy day for me,
now it is not something good,but something undesirable,
a day,
where my SPM results is out,and i accept it in disbelief.
how could this be?
no one including myself could believe it. 3As is all i see..
it was a rainy day for me, tears came down as though as its raining.
sunny but a rainy day for me ...
my parents were disappointed, so do lots of the others feels the same as me .
i had never actually make them proud before, academically,
there were always no straights As that people could see from me ...

but now,
finally there are no longer Cs,
and exhange a shattered me to a more confident me,
and the results of mine now, prove to be satisfactory,
or i should say its more that what i can prcviously get and see,
finally that is what i can give my parents,
which while they see,
it will bring smile and laughter to them,
because ...
there are no longer Cs but an exam slip which makes them happy.
it pleases me,
to see them happy.
and i wish .... i could see it continously ....
it warms my heart to see them,
proud of my results and this is what i seriously want to see..

Rainy day, prove not to be so unpleasant for me anymore.. but it brings joy to me .... not only because of my results but because what i m currently having , and most importantly a happy family...

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