Monday, October 12, 2009

Woohoo!My darling is here!:)

After 1 and a half month waiting for it,finally it's here in my palm. :) satisfied.

Was really tired yesterday.slept for close to 12 hours.went for sushi with matt,Daphne,Jason and her gf. And as expected I'm d winner in the sushi eating competiton.Well, after all since today there is this promotion which only cost rm2 per plate at sushi king.

I shall study tomorrow before going back to muar!

My holidays started today, but for me I nd to really study.

It has been one month since I start my year 2 law course.cannot play play anymore. I wan a second upper results!

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叶木木 said...

hate u...nvr mention me at all..and i ad say CANNOT POST LIKE THAT!!!!!!