Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enough of pictures

It has been a while since i blog and pen down something without pictures doing most of the talking.

How's life treating me lately?

Well i would say that I'm really blessed in the material sense. Now,I am in possesion of my sister's car since she is in muar. This has safe up a lot of hassle of needing to waste time waiting for the bus, and since the bus fair is so high now , it does not actually justify the time waiting for it. I can say that, what ever i want, I have it now. Having a car makes a huge load of a difference. Well, I will not go down the list 1 by 1 but in short, I'm just so contented with it. Occasionally of course, I'll sit the bus since the fuel price is not cheap also and I m not from a filthy rich family. My needs are all met, really and I am so thankful for that.Not forgetting to mention it AGAIN, my iphone had arrived last monday. Have been playing with it while I am studying. Kills my boredom.

On a different issue, a couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with Rachel in the library and I said to her that I'm those kind of person which can only focus on one thing before I can continue with my other stuff. It makes it quite hard for me to really sit down and study before the installation and charity nite. She told me something , which I think I've benefited from it. She said, this is a very good practice to prepare us to our future working environment in a few years time. Lawyers will not only handle a case at a time . There will be handful of cases and this is what I really need to learn, juggle a few things at 1 time. I have to tune my brain to do that.

I'm not sure whether this is what ppl always termed it as peer pressure. While i was browsing through my facebook. I can say that most of my friends life are so happening, even more so when they come up to KL. I wonder to myself, why am I stil the "old fashioned" me. Never visited a pub or any happening events which are happening around KL. Seldom go sing K with friends, seldom go shopping. I am not saying that I want to follow my friend's footstep to be happening almost everynight. But i think i need to learn to be more sociable and indulge my self with more social activities with my friends which recently discover, some are really very active in this and still score well in examinations.

I need to study hard, very hard if I want to get good grades, but at the same time, I'll give my self a bit more free time to socialise.Which i think is healthy.

Man cannot live on bread alone everyday. Daniel cannot live with law books everyday too

Wanted to complete a whole chapter on Land Law today, but I guess I cant finish it tonight since the pages that I need to read is tremendous. In fact, I cant even imagine that I can finish reading the whole chapter by tonight:)

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