Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food Review- Station 1 Cafe

I was very hungry when both Mian yi and I visited Station 1 Cafe for our dinner in OUG Plaza. The first time i went was in april or may this year when we are rushing to finish revising and preparing for exams. I remembered I went there once with Erna as well.

The environment there, as compared to other franchized based cafe is considered to be cosy, relaxing and confortable. There is no room for complain here.

When I open and look through the entire menu, the food looks really nice and mouth watering. After flipping front and back for a couple of times, I've decided to order Sweet and Spicy Chicken Rice which cost Rm11.90. I would not say that the price is expensive considering the environment and kind of service they provide. However, the food is to me, totally unsatisfactory. Remember I said that I'm really hungry when we visited the cafe? and yea, I'm not a picky eater especially when I'm hungry. This meal/dinner just simply cant satisfy my taste buds. The fried chicken is not crispy but more towards the hard side. I think they just didnt bother to defroze it properly or perhaps the quality of the chicken is at the very beginning not satisfactory. The rice on the other hand, some are clog together in a lump and some are not being cook thoroughly. Generally speaking, their food are just unsatisfactory. I would prefer to go Uncle Sam's cafe and the food is much more better/ way more better than this.

It looks good, but it doesnt taste like how it look! The thing about franchized based cafes is this. Yea, they are popular hang out places since they are providing free wifi services and some even have singers to entertain you while you are eating. Very often, the food fall below the standards as compared to shops/ cafes that are not francized based. Food with a more expensive price tag but the quality and taste of it is not up to the standard required.

It's fine if you go there for a drink, chill-out and study. That was what we did, but food wise, Station 1 Cafe is not "The" place to go.

In the feedback form, a question was asked. When you think of western food, will you think of station 1.

My answer is definately a NO!.. :)

will they sue me for defamation? Nah, I will think of a defence if they really sue me .. haha

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