Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My thoughts

Currently lying down on the bed,blogging about my thoughts today.Went to Section 14 McD to study with dear today. Spent 3 hours just on my land law assignment this morning before meeting dear. Just can't imagine how I can concentrate for such a long duration.

Before I went there, I went to the bank again,obviously to withdraw money. My cost of living has increased since my new semester starts. Feel guilty everytime I go to the bank. Just before I entered into the bank, I have only rm1.50 in my purse. Pathetic right? I didn't spend on other things except for food n parking.

Was talking to dear regarding how should we apportion our money when we start working. A question cropped up in my mind. How much should I give my parents when I start working in a few years time?assuming my initial income will be rm2000. Of course I wish to give them as much as I can, but seeing my current spending and basing on that rm2000 is really nothing. Perhaps what I can afford to give them is just really minimal.equivalent to what they are giving me each week or maybe two weeks now. When I think of it, it's really not fair for them.

People often say raising up a child is just like making an investment,but will this investment of my parents be worthwhile?

I hope I can afford to give them high yield and dividends when I am capable to do so.

On a side note,just had koko krunch as my supper. I will think that is it really pathetic! How nice if I am in Muar.take the car key and off I go for ah peng wan tan mee or fried kueu tiow or whatever that fancies my taste bud.

It's about time to sleep. Having tutorials tomorrow and I shall study hearsay rule in the library tommorrow morning.

Nasi kemal sotong will be an appropriate breakfast for me tmr! Cheap and nice.

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