Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gideon's farewell and EYM-ers gathering...

Gideon is leaving( now he is in UK dy:) ), so lynn decided to organise a farewell party and also a gathering for the eym-ers... it was a fun night .. as everyone can gather together once again after so long .... esp for the ex eym-ers... 18 turn out on that night was really a fruitful day... gather together with the youths, met with my ex malay school mates in tanjung and then another yam cha session with my ex school mates..Anyway ....farewell Gideon! He had been a really nice friend to me ..still remember how we really hang out when we are in our secondary school days.. a very talented musicians and a great warrior of God ... he is my SHI FU.. and he teaches me drums...May God continue to guide and watch upon you when you are in UK... take care bro!

i must learn how to smile when i m facing the camera:)
ex-school mates... its really hard to meet up with malay friends in muar .... i also duno why :)
game time with the youths..
Gideon and the guys ...manfred,edmund,gid,daniel,and leroy the pilot!
on a side note.. when for steamboat in batu pahat last saturday .. yummy .. :) dats me with mian yi and my sis ...

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