Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Special thanks

I would like to take this opportunity to thank... ahem ahem... why m i so formal ... haha well ... anyway ... i'm just grateful and glad that good ppl still exist .. and to make it happier.. it is my friends in college who did all those kind act to me .. :)

A very BIG thank you to Chiew Ee, Giri and Rachel(Yap) for providing me with their study materials... how nice of them to give it for FREE>.. yes... its FREE...i'm juz too lazy to take a pic of all the materials that they gave me ...and i get notes from the highest scorer for criminal law in our college last year ....guess who is that ? it's Rachel ... hehe dun fly a .. anyway ..although i get to know her not long ago.. but she is pretty helpful... Thanks once again to all of u ... :)

P/s: i'm so relieved that i ve done wit my criminal n public law assignment ... although i crap a lot in it .. but at least i did it .. :P ...

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