Monday, October 27, 2008

big fat juicy crab...

was back in muar for the weekend..and before dat ... daddy and mummy had said that we will go for crabs when i m back in muar .... i tot it was the normal crab.. but its NOT... the crab that we ate is a bit different.. according to my dad.. he said they come from Sri Lanka.. eat human flesh, that is why it is all very big in size.. and the meat ... wow ! .. undescriable...this trip was a relaxing trip for me .. chose to leave aside my studies.. and just purely enjoy my time in muar ..and now i'm back in my room in KL ..which means .. i ll need to go back to my study mode again .. well, i guess i ve recharge my energy to study again...
i ve never ate in this restaurant before ...last saturday was the first time for me ... :).. and the food is pretty decent and nice
crab with minimum curry brings out the natural aroma and smell of the big ffat juicy crab!
crab with black pepper sauce
and dat is mine!...meaty meaty crab...drools ... i'm hungry now
poor crab and muscles...dats the proportion that i ate..
p/s: mian yi, u missed it!:)

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