Monday, October 27, 2008

not once, but twice

we could not imagine how clever a dog can be..their senses are superb.. this applies to WATSON too..last week, when he went to tanjung..he found an indian star tortoise...and this time round... when i'm back in muar .. dad brought him to tanjung again for the second time.. and guess what ? .. he found a bigger 1....if he could have found 1 everytime when dad brings him to tanjung .. we will be rich!.. very rich!.. :)

this time,watson found a bigger 1.. with nicer patterns on the shell

not one, but two!

it was too cramp to put them in the basket.. so, we decided to put them into watson's old house.. Watson will just bark none stop when he sees them.. perhaps he is jealous that the tortoise get to stay in there:)

in loving memory of our oldest but smallest tortoise.. died few weeks ago.. we throw it to aside.. and after being eaten by all the insects and animals..we took it it explains why there are not longer the head,tail,and legs!

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