Saturday, November 8, 2008

i'm sick...

had not been sleeping enough for the past few days ....and yeah .. as a result.. i'm officially sick!...was ok when i was in college just now ... but juz before the class starts in the afternoon ... i suddenly feel sick!...hmm it couldnt be phsychological effect of being over working my body.. and surely its not because of the class is boring...:) ...excused my self from the common law class after the break..throughout the class i was feeling so restless and uncomfortable.. even my friend sitting besides me notice it .. well, its pretty obvious... no pictures to upload this time !..haha why ?..

coz i m sick lo .. haha ... lame me!..

i'll just take this period of recovery as my rest and holiday from studying.

two more assignments waiting to be done ..i'll leave it for tomorrow i guess..

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