Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy birthday to Jessica and Kellie!

The two birthday girls!

hey jessica, sorry a.. couldnt find a proper pic of you in my collection..and since i took this in college yesterday, i should post it up here.. haha ..r u concentrating or sleeping ? :)

this is kellie.. forever jovial and outgoing..

it was my classmates birthday.. therefore, as planned..we went to sunway to "celebrate".. it looks more like a hang out session ... hehe .. but well..as long as everyone enjoys it ..recently..i'm quite lazy to elaborate about the things happening in my life.. will just let the pictures do the talking .. :)

was just feeling about restless since i didnt went it to skate, however, i bought an entry pass.. just to go in and watch.. and hence, taking pictures with my phone..
miss the fried XXL crispy chicken, so tapao and bring along to eat as we walk around sunway pyramid
see!! dat's ben... he looks so happy when i share my chicken with him...eating the whole piece of XXL chicken is seriously too much for the absorbtion of my body.. and bearing in mind, i need to reduce my tummy ...:P
semua sudah letih after skating... its picture time!.. this is what girls are sometimes well known of
beginner still can smile at the camera while skating .. not bad estee!LOL
skating ring brings lovers together .. hehe .. matt and dd .. dont kill me tomorrow in college a ..
met up with jessica(chiang)... after much consultation.."what to eat a?what to eat a?".. finally we settled our lunch with WENDY's fastfood...she didnt know that i took this picture of her ..shhhh ... haha..
this is jessica's friend ..quite a nice guy ..enjoy spending time having lunch with them... and they are really hardworking .... can sit there and study for hours!..i need to learn from them..
I actually said bye to them for many many times...until the final bye at 5.45.. haha ... went to sakae for dinner.. erm .. no it doesnt consider as dinner.. juz something to fill my stomach with la ...
came back, nap a while ... study a little ... getting a bit tired.. and therefore... the creation of this post!

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