Saturday, November 1, 2008

LawAsia Conference..

what have i done during my deepavali 1 week break?.. well..i planned to study everyday with each subject per day .. but then, i decided to be a volunteer to help out in the LawAsia Conference in KLCC(although i just went there for two days).

Ppl is like asking... hey be volunteer that means no pay la ? ...:) ... yeah we dont get paid but what we ve gain was the experience during the conference.. we r free to join any seesions regarding different areas of law without having to pay a single cent(the delegates have to pay thousands just for the conference) .. and we get free food as well! yummy.. it turns out to be that their tea break in the late afternoon becomes our dinner on thursday..nice food i would say.
The most interesting part is that, i ve get to know my classmates(inter sept) during the conference..i had never ever talk to them before in class.. and some to the extend that i didnt even know that they are my classmates.. until they tell me bout it!...:) .. haha .. well,its not too late yet... at least now i know they r :)

it was held in KLCC..

plenary hall

us.. the volunteers.

anson,vincent,navin,yong shean,daniel b,daniel gan

the girls..:)
@ KLCC park.

recently,we had also visited the maktab PDRM in comment about the trip. but the place was nice ..and they provided us with FREE FOOD..haha

a mixture of a inter and part 1 students..and most of them are rotaractors..

the moots on saturday..learn quite a lot about mooting by just observing my friends who were involve in it ...
conclusion, quite an eventful week.. what's next ? ... study!!! haha .. i'm not a nerd...

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