Thursday, November 13, 2008

yesterday was fun...

we had, as usual night class yesterday nite(wednesdays) .... and we really did enjoy ourselves fellowshiping with 1 another....erm... not in class.. but i mean the makan and hang out session after the class...why is it different from our normal hangouts?.. because this time ... we have mixture of people from different intakes be it inter or part 1, and even part 2 students.. we laughed a lot , enjoyed the food, although its just about 1 hour... but it was memoriable.. sitting in mamak...talking loudly like nobody's business...and u wont be restricted with a loud and long .shhhhhhhhhhhhh... unlike in library ... haha..

isn't this umbrella big ? .. the purpose of me taking this picture is to show ... a rarely big umbrella which can fit so many ppl ..joel.. why u do u need a so huge umbrella a ?kia su betul.. haha

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