Sunday, June 10, 2007

effort vs results

How much effort we put in is how much we will get in return... this is something that we often hear from others. Is that really true? well, it is to a certain extent true without considering other factors.Effort could be define as doing or accomplishing something with full earnesses.Results is the outcome resulting from our effort.Nowadays, people normally look at the results and not the effort we put in.Results are most important regardless of how the results come from.This could often lead to social ills and a lot of problems.This is because people could do anything, to the extend of using a back way to produce a results which will be admire by others.Ever heard a boss saying"no matter what, within a time of period, u need to earn a certain amount of profit for the company" ... this is an example of seeing the results more than the effort.there are certainly lots of examples regarding this issue.In a student's view, results in an examination of test is very important...we tend to get disappointed if our results is not satisfactory... However, how many of us can appreciate our own effort more than the results that we produce? if u look it that way, our life will be more happier for we are focusing on the effort we put in and not so much concern about the results.. well i m not saying that results is not important... it is important... but a balance must be struck between results and effort...don't u agree with me ? :p comments are muchly appreciated... i ve got to go... assesment 1 next week... still a bit blur about it .... wil be back soon ....

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