Sunday, June 10, 2007

penang trip

it was one year ago since i went to penang for a holiday.. erm... not holiday actually, is juz a trip...time flies... couldnt imagine dat one year had pass juz like dat... after my law lecture on dad n i walk to pudu and buy a bus ticket to penang.before dat, we had our quick and simple wan tan mee lunch in petaling street... a famous but dirty 1:p I ve chose dat place because the service there is fast normally..but due to some errors, this time was different.. took quite long before my food is on the table.. well, its really true dat everytime when ppl is rushing, something will crop up to slow us down... as said earlier, we walk to pudu.. my dad bought the 1.30 bus..he buys it from the agent.. so whenever there is a seat in any bus, we will have the chance to do so..after that, we went down to the flatform, but couldnt find the bus... onli to know dat the bus haven arrive.. meanwhile,there is a bus which is ready for looks a bit high class.after asking dat operator, we can sit the bus but to pay Rm5 more..we do not wan to waste time on there, so we agreed..its a vip coach with electronic chairs and tv @every seat. hmm my first experience..i have to say a trip to penang its really long... its a 5 hour long dad watched two movies while i sleep as much as i can...haha..we reached penang at abt 6.45..sat a taxi then to my sisters condo.. its juz around 650 meters away..and guess what ? ... it cause it Rm10 per trip... penang taxi is famous for not using a meter.. it would have been onli a few ringgit if it's in kl ... after meeting my sister, we went down for dinner...its juz down stairs of N-park.. i ordered a plate of fried kuey tiow and hokkien mee, and also ate some satay... yeah dat's me .. when ever i m in penang...i would have 2 servings per meal...and i m not fat k ? healthy is the word.. haha ... someone said so..nothing much abt the first day, after eating, we went up to the condo and have a bath..due to the lack of transport, we stayed in my sisters room the rest of the nite..with my dad lying down thinking where to go the next time, and as for me ... i have to rush out my assignments...not bad i would say... i manage to finish an essay on dat nite..hehe... the next morning, we rented a car from a company.and hurray.. we start touring penang... at first we were suppose to have famous chicken rice, but the shop was we settled our breakfast by juz eating some dim sum..we headed of to a big n nice pet shop after that... wow the things there are veli equip and most of them were imported...well, everyone will know what will be inside a pet show... hehe..prangin mall is our next destination.according to my sis, there r a lot of hand phones shop, so we juz decided to go n look around..nothing much there. In the afternoon, we went to Penang Hill... its amazing how the british ppl can built the railway straight up to the top without not much technology few decades ago.its was really steep....and they manage to do so...i would like to think that ancient people are more knowleageable than what we are today... we depend on technology but they depend on their hands and physical strength...this makes me think that... How great is our living God that creates the mountain and the seas and to the extend of creating the whole universe! After that we had our late lunch near penang hill… again… two servings for me… a bowl of hokkien mee and a bowl of chicken n egg porridge… delicious!.. in the evening, we went for a swim in the pool @ my sister’s condo…at least exercise a bit before I can stuff more food inside..:) the next agenda was Queensbay Mall… the largest mall in penang I think…in particular, I only went to two shops, which is toy r’ us and Yamaha music shop…nothing much to explore.. no toys that attracts my attention.. haha.. after that, we went to USM coz my sister need to go to the studio to get some of her left over stuff…and we took the opportunity to learn driving… the driver instructor was my dad… haha …teaching my sister how to operate a manual car… we laughed throughout the 30 mins in the usm compound..its was fun though… hmmm and finally, its dinner time again… its 11.15 p.m then.. this time I ate a plate of fried tang hoon and a bowl of hokkien mee again… really nice la.. penang food…and its cheaper than KL for sure.. The next day, we headed to ayer hitam again to have our breakfast.... n here AGAIN… I have 2 servings… a bowl of kuey chap and a plate of fried kuey tiow… according to my dad, I must eat till I m satisfied… after all we have had a long journey to penang… haha… since there is still a lot of fuel in the car… dad brought us for a ride… we spent about 30 mins makan angin around penang… after that , we return the car to the company and the guy fetched me n dad to the bus station .. its time to go back to kl dy.. this time… our bus was even more special… with stewardess serving us in the bus… another new experience…juz like sitting an aeroplane… with a samsung flat screen in the bus…a good thing that they provide us drinks, n food n good service… if not it wont be worth for that price that we pay … hehe.. the journey took us 4 n the half hours.. without me noticing it, I m already in my room.. alone… without anyone @ home… lonely again… a nutshell, it was enjoyable… it will be more enjoyeable if I dun have my load of assignments in my mind…J ….

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