Sunday, June 10, 2007

A mask in life...

Are we living n carrying ourself as who we really are in the society in this world?Are we who we are when we meet hang out with our friends?can we be totally transparent to everyone around us ?....In reality, i strongly believed dat there is always a mask dat covers our true self...why is dat so ? It is because we want people to have a good impression on us in life.. It is the pride in us that hinders us from revealing our weaknesses...We would always like to hear praises from people, complementing us with good words... but when it comes to bad comments, we tend to take it very hard n very difficult to accept it... In my opinion, we should really balanced our self in such a way that we r able to treat complements n comments from people in a positive approach... Often, we tend to envy some one with a higher status or more popular among their circle of friends, n we have a high tendency to follow their style and this makes us put up a mask, an hinders us to potray our real self to others, do u know dat , everybody do have their own positive points?however, human nature is always seeking for more and its hard for a person to be satisfied on who they are n what they have... someone said to me...don't be a trend follower but be a trend setter...n i think its pretty true.. but most importantly is that we can be our true self juz like who really are in our real inner self... the question is , are we able to take down the mask which is the 'fake self' n to show our true self to everyone surrounding us ?Its difficult, but its not impossible... let's work towards it!

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