Sunday, June 10, 2007

memories can onli be kept in the heart

Memories can onli be kept in the heart, the phrase itselfs indeed carries the meaning of it.Not long ago,i ve juz lost some one who is very dear to me, which is my grandpa.He is the best grandpa that one would have.... Its was 7.20a.m, as usual my alarm rings n i m awakened by it, juz when i wanted to off the alarm on my phone, i realised 2 miss calls n one msg.The content of the msg juz really saddened me, it was my uncle telling me dat my grandpa passed away early in the dat moment, i was stucked on my emotions, i duno how to react, and i was in a state whereby i juz cant believe it, but i still when for my lecture before going back to muar with my aunt.As i reached my grandpa's house, i juz couldnt control my self n broke down in tears.... i sat down beside the coffin and memories began to run in my mind.
When i was young, my ah kong is someone who is the dearest to me, i sleep with him everynite, n i still remember i will normally put my leg on his stomach, well this was due to my sleeping habit i think.He will be the earliest to wake up in the morning, does his exercise, n prepare milk n sometimes to the extent of preparing breakfast for me. He wakes me up n make sure dat i finish the cup of milk and eating cod liver oil before he fetches me to school with his antique car.Often, i m the earliest to reach school. i was not even once late for school during my primary school days. When 12.15 p.m approaches, dat is one hour before school ends, i can look from the top of the sch dat my ah kong is waiting to fetch me back. He will be always the earliest.Besides, my beloved grandpa is the one who prepares our lunch n dinner, n his cooking was delicious!The time i had with him is the most memorable moments i have in my life...its a great lost to me as well to my family members to have lose a great n wonderful grandfather like him.I really love him dearly and i wish dat he will know dat we really appreciate him for wat he have done in our lives n also for juz being who he is..My wish was to bring my ah kong for my graduation day 5 years later, n i think dat is the most precious gift dat i could offer to him, but unfortunetaly, he wont be able to make it.I will live a meaningful life n successfully to make him proud!
Good bye my dear ah kong!!I love u from the bottom of my heart...

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