Sunday, June 10, 2007

A new challenge in life..:p

hyesterday, i ve face a BIG challenge in my life... want to know what was it ? haha ... i face the challenge of ice skating..i never ever tried it before... my friends ask me to go ice skating a few days ago..and i was a bit reluctant and not really keen of going ...u know why ? because i m kind of timid guy... my mind i was thinking... oops ice skating a ? can i make it ? ... haha. ... and a lot of questions come in to my mind too..can i ever balance my self with juz a thin blade down the skating shoes.... however, somone successfully persuaded me to go.. hehe ... so off we went to sunway after our business lecture... as we go into sunway piramid ... i can feel like i am nearer n nearer to the challenge!..anyway, i ve decided to try it out.. since i think that it was quite fun... before we went into the skating ring.. we had to prepare our self...taking the skating shoes from the counter and wearing it....hehe i felt so pai seh la...instead of me tying my owe skating shoe....jessica helped me to tie it.. hey thanks ya...anyway its not i duno how to tie ok .... is juz dat i tie it too loose, and it makes me veli hard to balance.. is the time where we are allowed to go into the skating ring...oops... the fear in me comes again... anyway i still go on... i keep holding on to the side of the skating ring....n onli did i realised that there were a lot of beginners like me ..this give me some encouragement... haha... really thanks to matt,jess, n grace.. they were so patient teaching me how to skate... they are always there to be my pillar n holding my hand...eventually i know how to skate a little but still need to hold on to something.. if not i will fall for sure... matt says that i walk more then i skate.. haha..actually, this also applies in our daily life, we are scared of failure and have little confidence in ourself...and we always seek to hold on to something or somebody which we can trust and lead us... there is no one other than Jesus... He is forever saying..."fear not, for I am with you" and this really gives great comfort n, friends and relatives will fail us because we are humans, but God never fails...anyway, we skate for quite sometime,and my leg hurts le... but its still fun anway... so proud of myself la..nono... hehe ... all credit goes to my friends who teach n help me ...i trully enjoy ice skating, and most importantly the time we spent together as friends..time flies and it was soon evening time, we bought a drink and some snacks in kfc and off we went home...most of us took the different bus... and fortunely.. matt took the same bus with me, this makes me not so bored and at least got people to talk to me in the bus... we ate the cheese wedges in the bus eventhough we are not allowed to... we are breaking the law... who cares.. no one look at us also ... haha...that's all about yesterday...i really appreciate my friends in college which makes my life more enjoyable in kl eventhough they have different personalities.. saya orang kampung... mesti jaga saya ya... hahha.. juz joking

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