Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's labour day!

well, you people will be bored if i keep writting about serious to attract more people to view my blog.. ahem.. i ve decided to write something which is more casual and about what i did today..Can be counted as a daily diary of mine...As planned a few days ago,my friends and i went for badminton this morning... the venue suppose to be near to our living place, but our classmate, jessica couldnt make it if its to far for her... so we decided to go some where which is near her house .... which is in pj..near for her but far for most of us... hehe in fact, all of us... haha .... matt,grace, n i have to sit two trains before reaching there..hey jessica, not blaming u a... dont worry.. As we were waiting for jessica in the lrt station, a van selling rojak caught my attention, and i simply could not resist it..I ran across the road and buy myself a packet of mee rojak sotong... Can u imagine dat the mee with a piece of sotong and egg cause me rm4 ?... i think this is why the rojak seller have no business.nvm once bitten twice shy.. is it approriate in this situation?... haha hope so... and the indian man t old me"lu banyak ong o, kamu orang pertama yang beli daripada saya hari ini" ... hmm i was like oh ok... hehe.. It has been quite sometimes since i played badminton... 1 month ago i guess...and my stamina is really bad now.. cant tahan already after half an hour... maybe because of the rojak that i ate...hehe..actually mars , another classmate of mine wil also be joining us today, but yesterday all of a sudden put aeroplane... haha... never mind four of us still enjoyed..In fact, yesterday nite n this morning, my uncle keep persuading me to go down to muar with him, but it will be tiring for me to travel within a short period of time, so i the opportunity cost of playing badminton with classmates is the lost of opportunity to go back to muar... haha.... After playing badminton, we went for lunch.... food again !!so tempting... actually i don't wan to eat... but see everyone is eating i also tak boleh tahan la.. eat again... hahaha... i eat more than i play badminton... oops... in a nutshell, the badminton session n outing with classmates is fun and enjoyable.... when's next ? this friday ?... haha... yet to i m all alone in the room... with no one at home... my computer is my companion for tonight....dat is the reason i m writting this post now .... :p.... Ate fried kuey tiow for dinner... and my supper is still awaiting me... haha... Well, muar food are still better... hehe... dats all for today... God bless everyone!byez...

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